Statement of Purpose

The primary purpose of this organization is to promote and foster a better understanding of (i.e. educate the general public about) how to value, trade-off, and otherwise manage time spent pursuing activities other than pecuniary or material wealth. Our aim is to recognize the limitations of money as a source of comfort, and account for real equivalent value in all of the things (including work) that money can't buy, but that make life meaningful and well worth the effort. We offer a basis to compare, integrate, and balance measures of quality-of-life with standards-of-living. This is enabled by introducing and explaining an Intangible Capital Value Unit (“ICVU”) that competes with, yet complements and destigmatizes, money.

One of our core beliefs is that “profit,” “success,” and "progress" must be (re)defined to include social values alongside economic interests.  Our approach is to quantify aesthetics so that subjective preferences (or best-interests) are aligned with objective results (or best-intentions). Our aim is to empower individuals with the necessary and sufficient tools to wisely bet on the chances they take in themselves, and we assume everyone’s pursuit of happiness includes loving relationships, an honest day’s work & wage, and giving back (somehow) to a community.

The foundation for the Book of Intangibles is decades of (unpublished) original notes and writings about capitalism by its President, Robert H. Kenmore, who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics ’80 from Stanford University, as well as M.B.A. ’93 and Ph.D. ’02 Degrees in Business from the University of Chicago.

The Book of Intangibles is structured as a portal through which methods to quantify intangible value as robustly as tangible value can be collected, or developed, and disseminated. Our mission is to transform and broaden general perceptions about capitalism. Our vision is to significantly enhance capitalism's positive potential to combine individual(ized) professional fulfillment, actual(ized) personal satisfaction, and sustained global stability.

A novel perspective on how to appraise and consolidate tangible and intangible value(s) is shared through a collection of sophisticated models, empirical or experimental research, mathematical and scientific algorithms, and functional applications. Principles of economics, statistics, business, and physics are heavily relied upon to rationalize healthy behaviors and overall well-being.

Validated through informal peer-reviews as well as formal market-testing and acceptance, the results of our efforts are freely available on this website for the public good interested in self-educating itself on various practices that have been proven to work better than others.

Donations are invited (but not required) to access: self-published materials designed and packaged specifically as non-technical simple yet effective self-help inspiration references (e.g. poems); as well as more technical teaching and learning instructional curricula in support of our espoused principles (est. 2021). Other income may be generated from voluntary contributions to cover expenses (but not time) for staff expertise, such as public-speaking or advisement about complex proprietary methods to commercial and non-commercial entities.

Demystifying the elephant in the room

Demystifying the elephant in the room